Do i need Social?

One question that businesses often ask themselves is whether or not they actually need to worry about using social media as a marketing approach for their business. Many think that social media is just for products, especially Instagram, but the truth is, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linked In and all the social media platforms are a very useful tool for every business.

To help you to figure out which social media channel is going to be right for your business, we have put together the key things to consider when using it in your marketing mix.

Be consistent and regular

One of the key things to focus on when you use social media for marketing is that in order to build an audience you need to keep them interested. The trick with this is to be regular and consistent in your posting. When you do this people are going to see that you take your social media seriously and that you are an active business. They will want to wait and see what you are going to share next and will look forward to it. Also be consistent with your branding so your audience become familiar with your brand. Try to stick to a limited core colour palette and selection of fonts to create your posts and content.

Figure out the best time to post

A great thing about social media is that you can see when people engage with your posts the most. This gives you the data you need in order to schedule your social media posts and ensure that they get the maximum exposure.

Know the right tone of voice

Each social media channel requires a slightly different tone of voice. The way that you would speak about your service or product on LinkedIn probably wouldn’t be the same language that you would use on Facebook. This is because social audiences have different expectations on how brands and businesses will communicate on a particular channel. Make sure you get it right to connect with your audience.

Use the power of ads

Another great thing about social media and one definite reason that you need it, are the ads that you can create. These ads are displayed as a part of a newsfeed and are seen by your target audience. They will not only ensure that your brand is visible, but it also helps to ensure that you appeal to as many people as possible. Both important things when it comes to the success of your business.

Best of all, they don’t have to cost you all of your marketing budget. This is particularly true for Facebook ads which can be set up to ensure that you only post them to keep within your set budget.

Now you know, social media is a key part of your marketing efforts for your business. Not only is it relatively easy to get to grips with, but it has a great return on your investment too. So, with all this in mind, what are you waiting for?

Not sure that you can do it alone? Get in touch with us here at Perspective Marketing & Design and let us help you to make sense of the social world.


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